This August 22-26, IFC will once again unite the Fox Cities to help advance the four pillars of the vision, which include:

  • Kids get off to a great start to life
  • An economy that works for all
  • Thriving natural and cultural spaces that bring us together
  • Everyone feels like they belong

If these pillars resonate with you, please consider being part of the IFC Summer of Engagement team! 

We need people for the following areas:

  • IFC Influencer: Use your social media skills to create awareness of Imagine Fox Cities and the Living Vision by sharing IFC news and lifting up local efforts, big and small, that are helping to advance the Vision. An IFC Toolkit will be provided.


  • IFC Liaison: If you are already involved in a local group or organization, please consider being an IFC Liaison. Through your existing relationships, you can help inform your group about IFC, engage your group in upcoming IFC opportunities and the August Convening Week, and help support the work of these groups that helps advance the Fox Cities Living Vision. All it takes is a brief orientation to IFC and periodic check-ins to stay up to date. An IFC Toolkit will be provided.


  • August Convening Pillar Advisory Teams: Help shape the activities of the IFC convening week related to the pillar track of your choice (see below). Activities may include workshops, TED Talks, tours of successful community examples, etc….the sky is the limit! 
    • Pillar Track Options
      • Great Start to Life  
      • An Economy that Works for All
      • Thriving Natural and Cultural Spaces that Bring us Together
      • Everyone Feels Like They Belong

Help the Fox Cities realize a future where all can thrive!